Distance Learning FAQ


How does this work?

We will provide a link and any necessary pre-trip materials approximately one week in advance of your field trip. At that time, we will also check in with you to discuss any virtual classroom norms you have established. On the day of the field trip, the program educator will log on about five minutes before the scheduled time. Once the classroom (and/or individual students) is ready, we will begin the presentation. Most interactive trips are a combination of images, conversation, and activities, and last approximately 45 minutes. The educator can stay online for up to an hour, if students have additional questions.

What platform do you use?

Our default platform for field trips is Zoom Pro. Teachers and students do NOT have to create their own accounts to participate in the field trip. If you school does not allow Zoom, or there is another platform that you have already been using regularly with students, we are happy to adapt as needed.

What precautions do you take with Zoom?

All Zoom calls are password-protected and use the waiting room function. Teachers will be assigned as a co-host of the call, so they can help manage the waiting room. The chat function is limited during the duration of the field trip; students can chat-in private questions but are not able to chat with each other.

I'm not comfortable with technology. How can I prepare?

For virtual classroom visits, we will schedule a 10-minute test run the week before the field trip. At that time, we will test your classroom’s audiovisual capacities, and make any necessary adjustments. For distance-learning modules in which students are in their own homes, we are also happy to consult with you in advance, to address any technology concerns.

Can siblings or other students join?

Of course! Since the lessons are interactive, we do recommend a maximum of 20 participants to ensure the best possible experience. However, we are happy to offer more than one session at a school, so all students can participate. We are also able to offer these lessons to homeschool groups or other learning pods.

Do you have more distance learning options?

We are currently in the process of developing more options, so stay tuned! Please email us at fieldtrips@travelersrest.org if you have suggestions or ideas for future topics, or want to be on our mailing list for field trip updates. You can also find other learning resources from the park and around the web here.