Distance Learning

Join a Travelers’ Rest educator for an online adventure, on whichever videoconferencing platform works best for your school. Due to the interactive nature of the programs, we recommend a maximum group size of 20 students. (Classrooms may be split into two groups.)  For additional teacher-guided learning materials about Travelers’ Rest, Native history, the Corps of Discovery, and the Bitterroot Valley, see our Field Trip Materials page.

Thanks to the generosity of the members and donors of Travelers’ Rest Connection, all field trips are offered free of charge.


Teachers can use the Inspired Classroom platform to take their students on an Archaeology Expedition with Lewis & Clark. Participants learn about the people, supplies, and purpose of the Expedition, as well as the archaeological clues left behind at Travelers’ Rest. Students write a History Mystery! by creating clues about their town that can be shared with students in other locations.

Teachers can register with Inspired Classroom at https://icchallenge.org/teachers/join_challenge/INXPUQXZ

Or use Challenge Code  INXPUQXZ (if you already have an account) @ https://icchallenge.org/login 


From clothing to navigational equipment to traditional root-gathering tools, Travelers’ Rest has a large collection of replica items that illustrate what life was like for the Bitterroot Salish and the Corps of Discovery in western Montana in the early 19th century. Younger students will gather their own travel items as a pre-trip assignment, and then compare them to 19th-century replicas in an interactive online presentation. Presented live via Zoom, GoogleMeet, or other online platform.
Content Standards: Social Studies, Science, English CC
Grade Level: K-2, 3-6
Capacity: 20 students


Travelers’ Rest is the only archaeologically confirmed campsite along the Lewis and Clark Trail. In this interactive online program, students will learn basic archaeology concepts and follow the scientific process used to pinpoint the location of the Travelers’ Rest site. Presented live via Zoom, GoogleMeet, or other online platform.
Content Standards: Social Studies, Science, Math CC, English CC
Grade Level: K-12
Recommended Capacity: 20 students