Expedition Days

​Saturday & Sunday, June 25 & 26, 2022

Expedition Days commemorates Lewis’ & Clark’s 1806 camp at Travelers’ Rest.  The Expedition stopped here from June 30 – July 3 to rest, hunt, tend to equipment, and finalize their plans to split into two groups for the return trip through Montana.  

This year, Travelers’ Rest welcomes special guests David and Marti Peck who will talk about their books and research on the medicine and mental health of the Expedition.

Saturday, June 25

Missoula Public Library

5 pm Reception & Refreshments

6 pm Presentation

Sunday, June 26

Travelers’ Rest State Park

3 pm presentation

So Hard to Die” A Physician and A Psychologist Explore the Mystery of Meriwether Lewis’ Death

Psychologist Marti Peck joined forces with her husband, Dr. David Peck, to address questions surrounding the death of Meriwether Lewis at the age of 35 in 1809, just a few years after the Expedition.

Books available for purchase and signing.

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“Or Perish in the Attempt” The Hardship and Medicine of the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Dr. Peck follows Lewis through his weeks of medical training in Philadelphia, & then the entire Corps of Discovery to the Pacific & back, covering 1803 to 1806. This book was the basis for a popular PBS documentary.

Books available for purchase and signing.

Beads, Bones, Stones, & Steel

Volunteer Tom Lukomski shares hs extraordinary collection of replica items and models of materials used or noted by Lewis & Clark from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, June 25, in the visitor center.

Get to Know Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks

Lewis learned much about the natural world from his first teacher, his mother, Lucy Marks. Volunteer Dawn Dambach shares Lucy’s life story on Saturday, June 25, at 2 pm in the outdoor classroom.

Bitterroot 50 Mile Yard Sale

We are joining in the fun with our neighbors in the Bitterroot Valley! On Saturday, June 25, stop by the park for your chance to purchase gently used books, commemorative Lewis & Clark collectibles, and other merchandise from our gift shop at clearance prices!

Bats and Skeeters!

Captain Clark couldn’t spell mosquito, but he complained about the bug throughout the Expedition. Learn about mosquito monitoring with the Lolo Mosquito District and play some games! Sunday, June 26, 1 pm.